NYC rock outfit Moe Green’s Eye recently dropped a new single, called “Who’ll Take Me Home,” from their forthcoming EP, After The Baptism.

“Who’ll Take Me Home” follows the first single, “Wasted,” which made waves on Sirius XM 21’s Underground Garage, hosted by Genya Ravan. The new single an anthology about all the women who were the best looking, most popular girls in high school, you know the girls everyone worshiped. But in many cases, because of swaggering narcissism went on to be little more than sad, gaudy lushes at the local bar.

When asked about the darker side of the song, Moe Green’s Eye says, “Life is too airbrushed everywhere you look and you need to see the darker side of life to be honest with yourself, try to change your circumstances and appreciate what you truly have.”

Made up of Anthony Galati (vocals), Steve Siegel (guitar), Jeff Mackey (bass), and Bob Gallagher on drums, the four piece is introducing a fifth member to the line-up, Frank Bove (guitar). The band’s sound blends pop rock from the ‘70s and ‘80s into polished music full of good old rock and roll oomph.

The band’s name – Moe Green’s Eye – refers to the fictional character in The Godfather (1972), wherein Moe Green is executed by means of being shot through the eye, aka, the “Moe Green Special.”

“Who’ll Take Me Home” opens on slightly grungy guitars atop a buff groove composed of a throbbing bass line and crisp percussion. On the chorus the guitars take on a shimmering energy, infusing the tune with a dark gleam. A scorching, dirty guitar solo precedes a soft breakdown riding a crisp side stick and creamy guitar riffs.

Galati’s rich tenor, reminiscent of Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish, gives the lyrics a velvety flow, as well as a distinctive inflection that’s easy to listen to.

“Who’ll Take Me Home” exudes a muscular rolling texture, along with an infectious rhythm and Galati’s dulcet tones.

Moe Green’s Eye Social Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | SoundCloud

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