Erich Mrak just dropped a new single, entitled “Drive.” Co-written by Mrak and his producer Bento, the song is about a spur-of-the-moment drive, a birthday party, and Bon Iver’s “33 God.”

“Drive” is the second of a series of six singles being released each month from January through June. All the songs are from Mrak’s currently untitled, forthcoming EP. The first single was “Navigate.” Prior to “Navigate,” and unrelated to the EP, Mrak released three acclaimed singles, “Float,” “Summer Dealer,” and “Think About It.”

Mrak’s sound, a combination of pop, experimental hip hop, and electronic music, is distinguished by downtempo beats, moody vocals, and expansive melodies.

Mrak began his musical career at the age of 7, writing original songs while growing up in Toronto. Along with his in-house producer Bento, also a native of Toronto, Mrak makes every effort to achieve sonic perfection on each track.

“Drive” opens with Mrak’s velvety voice riding atop glittering, flowing synths. A powerful kick drum enters, along with crisp percussion, as the harmonics gather and expand. The melody, which is magnetically infectious and totally sui generis, like nothing you’ve heard before, while simultaneously elusively familiar, merges flavors of hip-hop-lite with new wave emo and dreamy electro-pop. The end result shimmers with glowing energy, layered textures, and tantalizing surface sheens.

Mraks’ voice, a cashmere tenor, combines melodicism with what I call “fragrant rapping” flow. It’s glossy, suave, and persuasive, resting somewhere between straight-up rapping and streaming sonority.

The track’s production characteristics are low-slung, laid-back, and creamy, with the extension of the buff thump of the kick drum providing the perfect rhythmic foundation.

The lyrics, tailored for driving at night, imbue the tune with cool indulgence.

“So let’s take a ride / Down through the city / We’ll go all night / I’ve got the time / Waste it all with me / Down in the city.”

On “Drive,” Erich Mrak delivers the goods. Chill harmonics, glistening hues of sound, and Mrak’s smooth voice make this track dope.

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