The Sullen Art Collective orchestrated a gallery of 140 artists from all around the world and converted the warehouse into an amazing gallery of work inspired by a simple concept, “Art Driven”.
Tim Shelton and Gustavo Rimada approached Sullen Owners Ryan Smith and
Jeremy Hanna on the concept of doing an art show at Sullen Headquarters
this last July. The theme…”‘Art Driven’, what inspires you to create
art”. The four of them dug into their contacts and ended up inviting 140
world known artists from all over the world to submit art. It was a 70/30
split in the artist’s favor. As for Sullen’s 30%…they decided to donate
30% percent to Cancer Research, 30% percent to their industry friend and
world known tattoo artist- Tony Olivas who was having some health problems
at the time, and the last 30% to the local School Art Programs. This
night turned out to be a highlight in the history of Sullen. Great
friends and good people all in one room enjoying a ton of amazing artwork.,, ,

Some of the worlds best artist submitted there art work like Jack Rudy, Robert Atkinson, Grant Cobb, Myke Chambers, Paolo Acuna, Nikko Hurtado, Norm, Feddy Negrete, Kevin Llewellyn, Carlos Torres, Bob Roberts,Turk, Marc Jackson, Jim Syliva, Bj Betts, Chuey Quintanar, Ben Corn, Amber Carr, Corey Miller, Ray Vargas, Cate Rangel, Gustavo Rimada, Jeff Page, Matt Hurtado, Big Gus, Alan Padilla, Vicky Morgan, Tyson Mcadoo, Carlos Rojas, Edgar Hoill, Chris Yvon, Shawn Barber, Skinhead Rob, Tim Shelton, Steve Soto, Kyle Crowell, Bob Tyrrell, Sarah Ray, Big Sleeps, Eric Q, Kari Barba, Daver, Chantal Menard, Alexis Vaatete, Max Dolberg, Ivano Natale, Whitney Lennox, Christian Nguyen, Boog, Henry Lewis, Gunnar, Isaiah Negrete, Franco Vescovi, Latisha Wood, Rick Walters, Carlos Macedo, Rob Ullom, Nate Banuelos, Roman Abrego, Opie Ortiz, Dalmiro, Rob Struven, Charlie Roberts, Kevin Nocerino, Flaks, Sage, Jime Litwalk, Tom Berg, Aric Taylor, Steven Daily, Ryan Smith, Julian Zeff, Johnny Quintana, Ratty Matty, Shannon Brooke, Aaron Coleman, Mario Rosenau, Mike Devries, Justin Hartman, Lalo Campos, Ryan Mullins, Paul Nguyen, Neil Mcleod, Josh Duffy, Mike Demasi, Tattoo Ish, Tony Romel, John Caleb, Tom Martinez Jr, Jacob Doney, Ryan Jenkins, Katherine Brannock, Chase Tafoya, Adam Braun, Juan Puente, Justin Warn, Simon Hayag, Jeremiah Barba, Alex Garcia, Derek Noble, Gill Montie, Eric Dresses, Pep Williams, Vincent Malvaez, and Many More.

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