SullenTV Presents The Rockstar Energy and Sullen Clothing Inked Up Tour Stop 11 Pittsburgh Part 1 of 3 featuring Freddy Negrete, Isaiah Negrete, Danny Lepore, and Timmy B interviewed by Bernadette Macias!

Music by: Matt Casket,,,,,,,,,

Freddy Negrete was incarcerated in the CA Correctional system for most of his teen years. While imprisoned, he began to apply considerable drawing skills to tattooing other inmates, using hand poke or home-made tattoo machines fashioned from cassette player motors, guitar strings and batteries. Upon release he became the first professional Chicano tattoo artist. Freddy also featured in the movie Tattoo Nation.

Timmy B – currently living and tattooing in Long Island, NY; soon to open up a shop in North Hampton, MA. Timmy has been tattooing for almost 9 years now. His Can Art consisted of the actual word “Rockstar” as pertaining to musicians. It then transpired to his own passion in music, which then interpreted to his decision to create a base headstock with some popular traditional imagery of snakes and roses on the can art. Timmy started out doing a lot of realism mostly before social media really began. Timmy stated “After seeing the kind of realism artists out there like Nikko, Roman, Mike DeVries, I pretty much stopped doing realism pretty quick.” (laughing) He ended up going to work for a traditional artist that really knew how to “light a fire under my ass for sure.” Timmy B said, “Being apart of the Rockstar Energy Inked Up Tour is humbling. I’m pretty much in competition with my idols.” While at the Detroit Expo Timmy did two phenomenal pieces. The first was a re-work from a previous Detroit year, a hairdresser type of neo-traditional tattoo keeping to pinks and purples to keep it girly. The other tattoo was a “fancy gentleman goat looking back as if he is mad at a bartender for giving him some bad scotch.” Timmy B is part owner of Tattoo Afterlife in Huntington NY and has 4 cats.

Danny Lepore: Danny started working at Bullseye Tattoo Studio in May 2012 and has progressed into an incredible tattoo artist. Danny Lepore can be seen on “Best Ink Season 3″ on the Oxygen Channel starting December 2013.

Isaiah Negrete Tattoo Artist at Mark Mahoneys Shamrock Social Club. Hollywood Ca.

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