Check out Sullen TV’s Tattoo Topic as Bernadette Macias asks some of the top tattoo artists in the industry “Hands, Necks and Faces First?”

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Megan Massacre tattooing out of Wooster St. Social Club in New York, NY.
Mick Squires tattooing out of Behind Closed Doors Tattoo Studio in Melbourne, Australia.
Benjamin Laukis tattooing out of The Black Mark Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia.
Chris Hester tattooing out of Flesh Hound Tattoo Studio in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
Cleo Wattenstrom tattooing out of Lifestyle Tattoo in Stockholm, Sweden.
Keegan”Tater Tatts”Hawkins tattooing out of Tribal Urge, Newcastel, Australia.
Kyle Cotterman tattooing out of Distinction Tattoo Dayton, Ohio.
Katelyn Crane tattooing out of MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, CA.
Byron Drechsler owner of Inkjecta tattooing out of Australia.
Lyle Tuttle Legendary American tattoo artist and historian of the medium, who has been tattooing since 1949.
David Olteanu tattooing out of Australia.

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