SoCal’s pop-punk outfit Calmgrove premieres “Give & Take” on Tattoo. The song is the first single off Calmgrove’s debut EP, slated to drop this summer.

Vocalist Eric Guzman explains the song, “’Give & Take’ was written about putting 100% into a situation and not receiving any balance, compromise, or honesty in return. I’ve seen many loved ones be accommodating to others, only to be taken advantage of, and it really exasperates me.  I hope new and returning fans enjoy our video for this single – our team was able to bring the raw emotion that is felt throughout the song to life and really depict that the rope of give and take is fragile and once it’s frayed, it’s difficult to repair.”

Formed in 2018, Calmgrove is made up of Eric Guzman (Vocals), Tommy Maung (Guitar), Daniel Alvarado (Guitar), Sean Gonzales (Bass), and Nolan Hernandez (Drums). The band exploded onto the scene with the release of their debut single, “Lifelong.”

Calmgroves’ sound blends the brawny dynamism of pop-punk with the sonic equilibrium of emo into contagious concoctions fueled by commanding guitars and crushing drums.

“Give & Take” opens on surging muscular guitars atop a potent rhythm provided by a tasty fat, rounded bass line and tight, flat drums. There’s a searing edge to the guitars, as well as a touch of actinic effluvium that gives the harmonics manifold layers.

Guzman’s skintight tenor delivers grand pop-punk tones tinged with angst, affected nonchalance, and punk attitude, yet shifts to emo-infused melodic textures with ease. A softly glittering breakdown shifts the feel of the harmonics from tough to delicate, and then expands with delicious resonance and interweaving vocal harmonies.

Passionate lyrics rife with turbulent emotions fill the song with dark intimacy.

“Dig your own grave / Is there value in the words you swore to me / Distance yourself from the truth / But what goes around find its way back around / I give, you take / You’d bury me.”

The well-crafted video, shot in the woods, offers powerful visuals depicting the emotional tug-o-war of a relationship on the brink of crumbling. When the couple stands face-to-face while separated by a glass wall, the effect is chilling.

“Give & Take” is superb, full of buff, muscular energy, along with refined, almost elegant, emo savors, infusing the song with thrumming harmonic surfaces. Calmgrove most definitely has it going on!

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