Indie folk-pop singer-songwriter Resurrection Fern recently released “Siren,” the third single from her forthcoming community-funded EP, slated to drop in late November.

Like the Sirens of Greek mythology, who lured passing ships onto the rocks, Fern’s “Siren” entices listeners with gently rolling whitecaps of sound, rife with tranquility and susceptibility.

Part and parcel of a growing number of artists who perceived the opportunities inherent in online streaming platforms, Fern utilizes her channel on to connect with her fans, who tune in to watch live musical performances, ask questions, share thoughts, and associate with other like-minded people.

In 2018, Fern released her community-funded debut album, Beyond the Trees, followed by just finishing her sophomore community-funded album, produced by Kyle Manner and recorded at Nashville’s celebrated Station West studio.

“Siren” opens on graceful guitar colors, gentle and soft, and flows into a gorgeous melody topped by Fern’s deliciously expressive voice, elegant with crystalline timbres and passionate delivery. A light rhythmic pulse provides deep accents, imbuing the tune with trembling flavors.

Glowing vocal harmonies infuse the song with rich washes of tones, emphasizing Fern’s wonderfully delicate yet probing voice, as she searches for inner freedom.

“Maybe a storm is what it takes, to make me free.”

Rife with tantalizing lingering wisps of intimate energy, there’s an allure to “Siren” akin to the luminous dust of rumors, like a whispered prayer to some distant deity, beseeching wisdom or at least guidance to navigate the stony path of life.

The video was recorded on an iPhone 11 Pro, using Apple’s Slofie capability. The song was played at 2.5 speed, and then infused with a Vector effect by means of ‘imaengine.’ Slightly surreal, the effect combines animated characteristics with realism, pervading the visuals with a supple dynamic that’s enchanting.

With “Siren,” Resurrection Fern dispenses a graciously beautiful song, quickened by her rich voice, under exquisite lilting control.

Resurrection Fern Social Links: Website | Twitter | YouTube | Twitch

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