Northeast Ohio artist Denny Michaels has been tattooing for 15 years.  He was inspired to be a tattoo artist when his parents came home one day with a fresh pair of tattoos. “It blew my mind! Ever since then I’ve been intrigued and inspired by tattooing!” That’s all it took and he started his apprenticeship as soon as he could- at the ripe age of 17.

Denny prides himself on his versatility as an artist. If he had to choose a style to best describe his work, he’d favor realism, illustrative, and neo-traditional.”Neo-illustrative…if that’s a thing.”  We say it’s a thing (it started right here, folks).

Keep reading to learn more about Denny and enjoy gazing at his awesome work along the way.

Most interesting/funny/awkward tattooing experience?

I have one for each category haha. But I’d have to say the most memorable experience I’ve had in my career is when I was given the opportunity to tattoo a 95-year-old woman for her bucket list! It was a very humbling and nerve-racking experience for me ONLY. She sat like a champ and claimed she wished she had done it sooner, to her entourage of family and family. She wanted an Ohio state block O since she was alumni and die-hard football fan. I’ll never forget that.

What is one of your pet peeves as a tattoo artist?

One of my pet peeves as a tattoo artist is seeing experienced artists down or belittle other inexperienced artists that are genuinely doing their due diligence.

If you could tattoo any person in the world, who would you choose?

If I could tattoo any person in the world I would tattoo Gary V

Besides tattooing, what are you passionate about?

Sides tattooing I’m passionate about music! I am a guitar virtuoso, also produce and engineer. I’m also very very passionate about business and financial literacy and teaching financial literacy to children and young adults.

Tell us about your shop –  what can a client expect when they walk through your doors?

Nobility Tattoo is Warren Ohio’s leader in High-quality body modifications. Upon walking into our bright, clean, and sterile shop you can expect to be greeted by our friendly shop manager and apprentice Alex. Who is not only extremely knowledgeable but has years of experience with helping customers choose the artist that’s best for them. Choose from a wide variety of flash styles ranging from fine line black and gray to bold and bright traditional. Walks are always welcome, as we encourage our clients to allow us to create a piece of custom art they can cherish forever.

The overall vibe of the shop is very relaxing yet social. You can always expect to see a friendly face stopping by to say “hi” or curious young adults inquiring about their first tattoo. Our five-star experience high ratings and awesome reviews ensure that NOBILITY TATTOO is right for you.

Any advice for aspiring tattoo artists?

Some advice I have for aspiring tattoo artists is: never give up no matter who tries to bring you down in this industry! Whether it be client or coworker, patron or spectator. Keep pushing, keep growing, and keep CREATING!

What is the best way to book an appointment with you?

Best way to book an appointment with me is through my website


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