Pop singer-songwriter Michelle Creber recently dropped a dazzling full-length album – On Display.

Creber’s distinctive sound blends elements of pop, jazz, rock, and R&B into wonderfully contagious songs full tasty washes of sonic dynamism. As a session singer, Creber has appeared on soundtracks for myriad television shows and movies. As an actress, she’s appeared on Kelly, Strange Empire, Supernatural, The Haunting Hour, Smart Cookies, Lifetime’s Killer Among Us, Christmas Lodge, and NBC’s Eureka.

Her solo musical project has led to performances in Canada, Germany, Poland, Thailand, Australia, the UK, and the U.S. On Display entered Billboard’s Top 100 U.S. charts, amassing countless streams and more than $100,000 in album sales.

Encompassing 13-tracks, On Display starts off with “Kings & Queens,” opening on a powerfully propulsive groove topped by stuttering synths, as Creber’s scrumptious tones, tight and dulcet, power the lyrics forward with delightful sonic push.

From a subjective viewpoint, highlights on the album include the title track, which features an elegant piano, flowing on suffusing colors. A measured rhythm gives the tune a slow bathing current, rife with layers of creamy textures. Creber’s sumptuous timbres imbue the tune with gentle vivacity. I love the soaring guitar accents.

“Colorblind” rides a gleaming piano backed by a cavernous bassline seguing into a tune thick with surging flavors and pulsing energy. Crystalline yet lusciously burnished, Creber’s voice injects the lyrics with vibrancy.

“Superhero,” featuring Black Gryph0n, rolls on pulsating dark colors accented by luminous glints of sonic color. The vocal harmonies on this track swell with radiant surface pigments, adding to the song’s magnetic allure.

“Half Is Full” delivers filaments of alt-country pop amalgamated with silky pop flavors, resulting in marvelously tantalizing tune, especially when Creber’s superb voice mounts and wheels to the heavens. “Lottery” opens on strident almost industrial energy traveling on a potent assertive rhythm reminiscent of EDM.

On Display is excellent, throbbing on infectious rhythms capped by swirling creamy harmonics and the mellifluous voice of Michelle Creber.

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