South Florida-based pop-rock artist Rob Alexander just dropped a new album, entitled Being Myself, featuring 15-tracks.

Produced by Gabe Lopez, the musicians on the album include Lopez (drums, keyboards), Robbie Angelucci (acoustic and electric guitars), Matt Bissonette (bass), Kim Bullard (keyboards), John Mahon (drums, percussion), Rick Keller (sax), and Brian Brigham (backing vocals).

Alexander, a physician Anesthesiologist, released his debut album, Long Road Coming Home, in 2018, receiving beau coup praise, along with comparisons to Elton John.

The album begins with “This Hollywood Road,” opening on a tasty pop-flavored melody full of vibrant textures of color. Alexander’s voice, an evocative tenor, does indeed recall Elton John, infusing the lyrics with delicious flavors.

Entry points on the album include “We Own This Night,” exuding potent pop energy rippling with braying horns and throbbing hues. “Life As We Know It” travels on a low-slung sparkling piano riding a buoyant rhythm capped by Alexander’s luscious voice, narrating a feel-good story of life.

“Never Gonna Let You Go,” a song written after the passing of a dear friend, features darker, slightly melancholic colors attended by a sumptuous saxophone, imbuing the tune with elusive simmering tones. Sad and gracious, it’s a gorgeous tune rife with creamy textures and layers of undulating colors.

“We’re Living In A Dream” delivers upbeat dynamics and ebullient flavors, along with lush vocals. A tight metallic guitar injects flavorsome accents, as Alexander’s voice soars with infectious momentum. “American Love Song” opens on velvety colors, soft and low, as a thumping kick drum sets the rhythm for the stylish piano, glistening with floating colors. This is a beautiful song, emanating contagious washes of sound on a wonderfully compelling beat.

“I-O-U” rides a funk rhythm driven by skiffing guitars and a fat vibrating bassline. “Another Love Affair” features thrumming guitars and an urgent groove crowned by brilliant piano colors and creamy strings. A low searing guitar wails with moody stridency, giving the music tight tension.

The final track, “Loved By You,” rides surging sensuous blues-flavored tones. I love the oozing drawl of the organ on this track, as Alexander’s deep tenor imbues the lyrics with passion.

With Being Myself, Rob Alexander delivers marvelous music full of dominating momentum and intoxicating vocals.

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