It has been years since the original conception of The Front Lines of Good Times graphic novel and concept album series by MF Ruckus. Now, three animators, two illustrators and one bandmate later, the band’s multimedia masterpiece has returned with post-apocalyptic vengeance!

This labor intensive project combines the musical efforts of MF Ruckus members Ty Blosser, Logan O’Connor and Tony Lee with the illustration talents of Jake Fairly (Hail Satan/This is Heavy Metal), Animator Macy Lytle, Sound Editor Alex Tyler and Music Producer Brad Smalling (Evergroove Studio). The characters were voiced by the band members themselves with the help of fans and friends. The story was written by lead vocalist and band leader, Aaron Howell.The entire project has been financed through the generosity of a handful of committed backers on the band’s Patreon page is the second installment in a planned 36 chapter/song odyssey expected to take anywhere from 6 to 36 years depending on budget and support. The songs themselves are part of a batch of literally dozens of new songs the band has been demoing over the last several years. MF Ruckus have worked closely with producer Brad Smalling at Evergroove studio to create new songs which boldly press up against the boundaries of the band’s previous repertoire.According to the band, “The Front Lines of Good Times series combines the classic mono-mythological heroes journey with a satirical take on the life of the independent musician. It is part sci-fi/post-apocalyptic fan nostalgia, part psychological philosophical social analysis and just a dash of dick and fart jokes. We are just as excited as the viewer to see how the story unfolds. Oh, and the jams are pretty sweet too, if we do say so ourselves. We are truly exploring the boundaries of our songwriting and performance acumen in the process of creating these songs. So much work has gone into this project and it’s only just beginning. The Front Lines of Good Times series has been the greatest challenge of our entire career and we could not be more excited to see it come to life!”MF RUCKUS – Making a Killing/You Only Live Forever (The Front Lines of Good Times, Chapter 2) Making a Killing / You Only Live Forever – EP

About MF Ruckus:
When MF Ruckus hits the stage, a nexus in the universe forms, creating a place where all is in perfect harmony, war ceases, poverty becomes abundance and all the starving children of the world dance and sing. MF Ruckus is a turbocharged Rock n Roll supergroup comprised from salvaged and Frenkensteined pieces of Denver and Chicago’s most legendary unknown bands to create a 4 headed rockstrosity which is known as “Motherfucking Ruckus” or MF RUCKUS for use in polite company.

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