Alternative-folk singer-songwriter Resurrection Fern recently released her second community-funded EP, entitled Fern.

According to Resurrection Fern, she searched for months for the perfect name for the album, and finally after a conversation with her husband about her dilemma, he asked, “What is the first word you think of to describe this album?” She said, “It’s…me.”

Her previous album, Beyond the Trees, was characterized by a broad layered sound of grand depth and dimension. On Fern, she has stripped away any tendency toward extensive production techniques, resulting in delicious minimal harmonic textures, warm and unassumingly vulnerable.

Encompassing six-tracks, Fern starts off with “Coffee,” opening on low-slung sparkling guitar tones topped by Fern’s crystalline evocative voice, exuding passionate timbres and luscious expansive tones – gliding on umbral sonic wings.

“Savanna” rides rain-like colors, dripping with tender gleaming nuances. Cool and tantalizing, Fern’s velvety voice infuses the lyrics with luxurious emotional commitment.

“Oh Savanna / I heard it’s getting cold down there in Indiana / Oh Savanna / Meet me halfway there in Louisiana.”

“Hi Lo” travels on pared-down strident tones, riding an austere percussive beat capped by a haunting cello, imbuing the tune with stark melancholic fragrance. Fern’s sorrow-filled voice gives the lyrics sepulchral intensity, full of poignant gravity.

The scrumptious frisson of “Siren” glitters on an enchanting guitar, as Fern’s lovely tones surge with urgency and proximate pigments, infusing the lyrics with smooth surface colors of sweet tenderness.

“Straighten frames on the wall / Do we catch them if they fall / The thunder echoes down the hall / Do we answer her call.”

“Wayside” features an iridescent guitar, a cavernous bassline, and distant rumbling percussion. Whispery and sylph-like, Fern’s gorgeous voice injects gracious, elegant, gossamer timbres, giving the tune the luminous dust of sonic rumors.

“The Way That You” features the silky voice of Ub1k blended delightfully with Fern’s nonpareil indulgent tones. The combination of their two voices saturates the tune with caressing timbres of charming affection.

Tumescent with glorious delicate sonic innocence, Fern is simultaneously ethereal and immanent. This is a sublime EP.

Resurrection Fern Social Links: Website | Twitter | Twitch | YouTube

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