Denver, Colorado’s “crankin’ electric rock and blues” outfit Two Faces West released a new single a short while ago, entitled “Brand New Suit.”

Initially formed in Gunnison, Colorado, the band moved to the Mile High City in 2015, where they made an immediate explosive impact on the music scene, performing at local mountain town bars, as well as Denver’s foremost venues. Two Faces West pumps out a ferocious sound – a blend of raunchy rock and incinerating blues with tangs of funk.

The band’s current lineup consists of Kurt Ashmore (guitar, vocals), Mick Knudsen (drums), and Vince Carmellini (bass). The bassist on “Brand New Suit” is Caden Kramer, the band’s former bass player, who was replaced by Carmellini.

Commenting on the new single, Two Faces West told ThePreludePress, “’Brand New Suit’ is one of our favorite songs to perform live. The walking bass line and driving beat along with gritty guitar riffs make for a wild ride during a live set. The song was written about a family member of one the guys, and with some very clever collaborative songwriting, tells a story about the successes and aspirations of a traveling businessman.”

“Brand New Suit” opens on dirty growling guitar riffs reminiscent of ZZ Top. When the thick ambling bassline enters, the tune takes on plump rolling blues textures atop the Jovian pop of Knudsen’s crunching snare. Ashmore’s rasping tenor imbues the lyrics with tasty visceral intonations.

“I’m walking down the street / Gonna get that money / Gonna close the deal / In my brand new suit.”

Chock-full of Mississippi blues savors, raw and smoldering, the song exudes flavors of old-school rough-and-ready muddy surface colors. Ashmore’s blistering licks on his axe infuse the harmonics with deliciously drawling sleazy tones, grinding and rife with impulsive, reckless impetus. I love the potent vocal harmonies at the end of the song, injecting the song with resonant depth.

Two Faces West definitely deliver on “Brand New Suit,” pushing out uncooked, unprocessed, unrefined pulverizing blues-rock.

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