Folkgoddess Diane Patterson recently released a new single, entitled “Somewhere There’s a Song Still Singing,” following on the heels of her fifth solo album, Open Road, produced by Mike “Nappy” Napolitano, featuring the musical talent and vocals of Ani DiFranco.

Writing about Open Road, Americana UK’s Linda Jameson said, “This album is what the world needs to hear right now. It is a healthy shot of solidarity, support and love. Many of the songs are a rallying call for change but are healing in focus, not overly confrontational. It’s all wrapped up in strong lyrics, a powerful voice and ranges musically from heartfelt acoustic tracks to funked-up, folky, latino beats.”

Diane’s been wowing audiences with her acoustic guitar, ukulele, potent songwriting, and her deliciously prevailing woman’s voice since 1989 when she began playing bass guitar for Sacramento-based Blues Duo, followed by co-fronting reggae and Latin-inspired band The Heat.

In 1993, she founded the award-winning Diane Patterson Sextet, with Joe Kojima Gray, Dave Theno, Jan Peters, and two percussionists, Warren Jones, and Rita Hosking. Since then, she’s spent two decades playing solo, duo, and trio performances, frequently with Al Torre on guitar.

Diane’s unique sound has taken her on tour to Europe, including Sweden and Scandinavia. In 2019, she toured the Midwestern portion of the U.S., sharing the stage with punk-folk luminary Ani DiFranco.

“Somewhere There’s a Song Still Singing” opens on delectable acoustic guitar, low-slung and evocative, as Diane’s alluring voice imbues the lyrics with ancestral whiffs riding her distinctive inflection, relaxed, resonant, and chock-full of elusive familiarity reminiscent of Joan Baez and Janis Ian, yet more suggestive and rife with nuanced textures.

“Somewhere there’s a song still singing on / Do you sing to the daughter of the sun? / Does Odin guard your shores? / Do you still follow the singing stones? / Reindeer Sami, wild Danes / Sea Sami, stately Swedes / I speak your names / Your song sustains / Your air remains / Come lay the land again / Come lay the land again.”

The mood of “Somewhere There’s a Song Still Singing” is both nostalgic and optimistic, resting on smooth, penetrating harmonics, as Diane Patterson narrates the sonic story. This is a beautiful song, delivered by an exquisite vocalist.

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