On March 27, Instru Dash Mental Records will release the second album, Moments and Fragments, from the jazz collective known as #Bloomerangs.

Describing the album’s genesis, #Bloomerangs share, “The inspiration of the release comes from working with the musicians that are part of it. At the time, they were all going to school at Jacobs School of Music of Indiana University and I was working in Bloomington when we met and started to hang out. We wanted a historical record of our time together.”

Made up of Rodrigo Cotelo (guitar, music director), Chris Parker (drums, composer), Stefan Lenthe (bass), and Clay Wulbrecht (piano), the #Bloomergangs probe musical genres from across the globe, blending a variety of cultures and sounds into far-reaching expressions of humankind.

Containing a baker’s dozen tracks, Moments and Fragments begins with “Home,” opening on an elegant jazz-flavored piano riding a smooth shuffling rhythm both tender and wistful. A measured guitar injects tight gliding licks over the undulating harmonics.

Entry points include “Untold,” a brightly percolating tune full of dazzling jazz aromas infected with fusion savors. The syncopated drums and popping fat bassline give the rhythm sparkling effervescence, accompanying Wulbrecht’s glittery piano. “Catch a Clue” opens on sizzling jazz colors, and then drops into an oozing improv-flavored melody topped by rambling guitar licks and pungent drum fills.

“After The Fact” is the perfect movie soundtrack, delivering cool textures of coloration. I love the crisp sidestick on this track, imbuing the tune with skintight clacking snaps, as the piano rages on luminous tones overhead. “Mind Your F” rides a smooth, mellow melody full of psychedelic-lite aromas and glittering tones. A sophisticated chugging rhythm gives the tune creamy, rippling momentum.

The final track, “That Sums It Up,” features strident almost discordant guitar riffs riding over a tasty iridescent piano, as Parker’s drums insert impressive percussive fills, splashing, rolling on round sounds, and sharp cracks from the snare. As the music culminates, swooshing psychedelic filaments flash overhead.

With Moments and Fragments, the #Bloomerangs generate deluxe jazz, ranging from gentle cashmere textures to red-hot auras. Be sure to check this album out.

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