Seattle rock outfit The Refusers release an inspiring new track tailor-made for today’s world – “Love Never Fails.”

Made up of Michael Belkin (vocals, guitar), Steve Newton (bass, backing vocals), Joe Doria (Hammond organ, piano), and Brendan Hill (drums), The Refusers were founded by Belkin, one of Wall Street’s former “masters of the universe,” to protest against, and defy, the current appalling state of the world.

Commenting on the track, frontman Michael Belkin says, “For some, it may feel a bit out of character from The Refusers more punky hard-edged sound, but I honestly just set out to write a song about unselfish love. The melody came to me in a dream. I have dreams where I hear melodies in the background as if they’re on a radio. The challenge is to wake up and write it down before it disappears. With that as my foundation, I asked myself what is love? So many love songs are simply about lust or other self-centered notions that pass for superficial love these days. Physical attraction is important, yes, but if you’re gonna make a relationship work long term, you need to be patient and kind. If you have kids, another form of love happens where patience and forbearance are crucial. The truth is always right there in front of us, written on the wall like graffiti. The challenge is, do we heed it and incorporate it into our lives?”

“Love Never Fails” extracts its unmistakable message from a variety of influences, including the Apostle Paul, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye and the host of other artists who sang about the inherent power of love.

As Belkin’s wonderful lyrics observe, “Love is gonna shine, love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not mind. Love does not anger, does not have pride, it’s never weak, it’s always strong, love keeps no record of wrongs. It don’t come cheap but it’s not for sale, love never fails!”

“Love Never Fails” opens on a measured rhythm rife with a rumbling bassline and tight crisp drums topped by low-slung proximate guitars imbuing the melody with Tom Petty-like coloration. Doria’s glossy braying organ gives the tune tantalizing wisps of color, as Belkin’s delicious tenor infuses the lyrics with urgent imminence.

The gliding undulating flow of the melody projects tasty layers of gleaming grainy metallic textures, adding a luxurious emotional commitment to the song.

With “Love Never Fails,” The Refusers deliver a compelling rock soundscape rife with a contagious rhythm and a message of intense truth.

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