Eastern Oklahoma red dirt Americana outfit Doc Fell & Co. recently released a new single, entitled “Fragile,” delivering a sample of the band’s new album, Revelations, whose title mirrors the concept of songs existing as mini-sermons.

A song about the truth of human vulnerability, “Fragile” declares “We’re all fragile, we’re all faded, we’re all tattered, we’re all torn” and “rough around the edges but we’re solid to the core.”

As they did with their previous album, Heaven, Hell or Oklahoma, the band traveled to Monotone Studios to record Revelations. Along with the good doctor, mainstays Kyle Brown (lead guitar), Brad Rice (drums), and John Barker (bass) were joined by guest musicians Hank Early (steel guitar), Kyle Nix (fiddle), Thomas Trapp (acoustic guitar), and Jordan Cox (accordion, harmonica).

Doc says, “It was great being back at our home base and it’s our most hands-on band album to date, where we did more of the production ourselves. While our previous release was somewhat of a concept album reflecting on concepts about the afterlife, this is more of a snapshot album reflecting my thoughts about different aspects of life. I think it’s a great representation of how we’re sounding these days, and I’m particularly proud of how it shows my evolution as a songwriter.”

Going on to explain the band’s ethos, Doc explains, “When you’re an indie band, it’s often easy to get discouraged, so it’s important to define what success means to you. For us, we take the same philosophy whether we’re playing for thousands at a festival or to a bar that’s half-packed or only has a few people by the end of the night. We ask ourselves, Was it a fun gig? Did we have a good time? Did we touch people and maybe inspire those who heard us in some way? There are no small crowds, only small performances. No matter the circumstance, we go out and give them our all.”

“Fragile” opens on a measured rhythm topped by a drawling steel guitar infusing the tune with oozing country savors, as glistening guitars imbue the tune with swanky textures and sparkling accents. Doc’s twang-inflected tones inject the lyrics with optimistic flavors and tantalizing wisps of inspiration.

When the tune ramps up, wall-of-sound chugging grimy guitars permeate the melody with surging, rippling energy.

Chock-full of resonant country-rock relish, “Fragile” delivers delicious Oklahoma red dirt music, putting on display the superb talents of Doc Fell & Co.

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