Minutes ago, Chicago alt-rock band Microcosms released their new single, “Tightrope.”

Frontman Andrew Tschilitsch explains the song, saying, “It’s about those frustrations we feel when we can’t speak our minds or are having trouble connecting with a person in our life that may need help.”

Made up of Andrew Tschilitsch (vocals, guitar), Bryan Emer (bass), and Jered Piepenbrink (drums), Microcosms recorded the track at Jamdek Studios with Douglas Malone; however, this time around, the band did their own producing and mastering.

“It’s been a great experience learning and experimenting with the production side,” shares Tschiltsch. “I feel a lot closer to the song then I normally do at this stage in the process and I think the final result really shines because of that.”

With two more singles scheduled to drop this year, once the Coronavirus situation is under control and life returns to some semblance of normal. Microcosms will head out on tour. In fact, they can hardly wait. “We’re ready to show everybody that the Chicago rock scene is about to take over the world.”

From Southern California, Tschilitsch attended Indiana University, followed by moving to Chicago, where he spent his evenings laying down demos. After forming Microcosms with Emer and Piepenbrink, the trio released their debut EP, Know My Body, followed by a succession of singles and last year’s album, Live on WZRD Chicago 88.3FM.

Blending contagious punk flavors with raw alt-pop savors, “Tightrope” opens on a vibrating bassline riding crunching percussion, as filtered, metallic-laced vocals imbue the lyrics with angst-ridden tight tones, intense and devoid of any stoic resignation to circumstances.

A strident guitar fills the breakdowns, giving the tune taut, pressure-filled nuances. As the song proceeds, it accumulates palpable stress and raw severity, injecting the atmosphere with latent edgy unease on the brink of explosion.

Turbulent, pregnant with visceral tension, “Tightrope” thrums with body-hugging frustration as Microcosms assert their musical talents.

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