Today marks the release of Find Your Home, the new EP from Canadian-American alt-pop artist Jonny Craig, co-produced by Eric Ron and Anthony Reeder.

Well-known as the lead singer of Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, Slaves, and the co-lead vocalist of supergroup Isles & Glaciers, Find Your Home signifies a fresh direction for the storied artist, as he lets go of the past and shifts his gaze toward what’s to come.

With his baritenor voice, chockfull of soulful tones and gospel-influenced textures, on Find Your Home Jonny blends delectable R&B savors with vibrant pop flavors, delivering aching passion and smoldering tangs of wistfulness.

Encompassing five-tracks, the EP begins with “Block Out the Noise,” opening on swirling synths flowing into dark swells of R&B colors riding a crisp, pulsing rhythm. Jonny’s expressive voice oozes melancholic timbres, while softly glowing harmonies give the song shimmering dimension.

“D.R.E.A.M” travels on a low-slung emo-trap beat topped by suffusions of cool pop hues, dripping with intense singular brooding energy. Tight and proximate with searing feeling, Jonny infuses the lyrics with urgency and emotional commitment.

“Forelsket (Euphoria),” probably my favorite track on the EP, features a measured trap-lite rhythm crowned by creamy, sparkling colors, as Jonny injects the lyrics with sensuous quixotic aromas. “Turning The Page” brims with shimmering synths, exuding trembling tints as the thumping kick-drum throbs with Jovian palpitations, giving the tune muscle and body-hugging flow. Nuanced vocals ring with authenticity.

“ON God” rides posh tinctures of R&B infused with velvety radiant colors. On this gorgeous track, Jonny’s lush voice, under exquisite lilting control, exudes palpable complex layers of sublime coloration.

What makes  Find Your Home so magnetically alluring is Jonny Craig’s sumptuous voice, tumescent with a vast array of emotions, ranging from cashmere simplicity to notes pregnant with mysterious sonic symbolism, each with a shade of mood and ambiance, each credibly asserting its vitality.

Find Your Home is wonderfully wrought, graceful, elegant, and stylish. The exceptional voice of Jonny Craig makes this one of the best EPs of the year.

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