“Modern-day troubadour” Reed Waddle releases two tracks from his forthcoming album, Time the River. The two tracks, “Too Bright To Fade Away” and “Bells of Brooklyn,” demonstrate precisely why Reed is an award-winning singer-songwriter.

Describing himself, Reed says, “My life is like a gypsy trucker, traveling wherever my music takes me, writing about what moves me: the people and places I encounter.”

Reed WaddleIn 2009, Reed decided to make a change, moving from Florida’s Gulf Coast to Boston. Almost overnight, he won the New York Songwriter Circle’s Grand Prize, followed by winning The Mountain Stage New Song Competition in West Virginia. During this time of musical evolution, he released a glorious album, entitled Creatures of the Heart.

Two years later, he moved to NYC, where he hooked up with British producer Lestyn Polson and the two began working together. For his upcoming album, Time The River, Reed hooked up with Nashville producer Jesse Thompson.

“Too Bright To Fade Away” opens on Reed’s soft dulcet voice, infusing the lyrics with gentle optimism. As the rhythm kicks in and the harmonics expand, taking on shimmering dimension, the melody assumes an upbeat Americana/SoCal soft rock indulgence.

Intoxicating platinum guitar hues infuse the music with radiant washes of color topped by glowing vocal harmonies. Reed’s protracted “oooh” provides the lyrics with tantalizing wisps of tonality, surging with delicious textures.

“Bells of Brooklyn,” rides an elegant, melancholic piano accented by a gently soaring violin, as Reed’s wistful voice imbues the lyrics with elusive, haunting tones, redolent with nostalgia. The luxurious emotional ache emanating from the music is reminiscent of easy intimacy, as he looks back on delightful sparks of time, now just memories he can’t forget.

Gorgeously wrought, “Too Bright To Fade Away” and “Bells of Brooklyn” presage just how wonderful the forthcoming album will be. Reed Waddle has beaucoup talent.

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