Stockholm-based pop-rock singer-songwriter Annamay released two new songs, “Out Of Reach” and “Om Hon Hade Vetat,” just a few days ago. Each song embraces two versions, one with the full band, the other stripped down.

According to Annamay, “Out Of Reach” is “A song about lost opportunities that may arise again (if you really want them to). Living, loving, in solitude, longing for that special person.”

Formerly a solo artist, Annamay (vocals) is now backed by her new band made up of Jonas Petersson (piano), Henrik Naglitsch (bass), Bo Ahlbertz (Irish bouzouki), Esko Vuonokari (electric guitar), and Jens Stenbro (drums).

Born at the base of the mountains in Åre, Annamay began writing songs early on, at the age of 10. Later, she studied engineering, attaining the expert level of expertise in underground infrastructure and urban planning, while continuing with her music, which turned into an almost mystical channel to pursue equilibrium in a world beset by chaos.

“Out Of Reach” opens on a gleaming piano flowing into a gorgeous melody encompassing elements of pop-rock and folk-rock, along with tinges of Americana. When the harmonic ramp up, the song takes on swelling textures and coloration, as Annamay’s gentle, vulnerable voice infuses the lyrics with intimate surfaces.

The acoustic/stripped down version rolls and undulates on an exquisite piano backed by glowing strings. A slower tempo gives Annamay’s voice room to project, while the melody softly expands, allowing for more subtle sonic layers.

“Om Hon Hade Vetat” shifts in a totally different direction, blending country, folk, and pop flavors into an upbeat, driving rhythm. Jangly guitars ride atop sparkling piano tones, imbuing the song with traditional savors. Singing in Swedish, Annamay’s voice comes across as optimistic and buoyant.

The mellow version of “Om Hon Hade Vetat” travels on low-slung resonant timbres, not nearly as galloping as the full band rendition.

Both “Out Of Reach” and “Om Hon Hade Vetat” are wonderfully wrought. The inclusion of two versions breathes life into Annamay’s delicious vocal talent.

Annamay Social Links: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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