Los Angeles alt-rock outfit Kuwalla introduces their new single, “Just Fine,” a song written by Kyle Sain, while raising his first child with his girlfriend. They were homeless, sleeping on couches, and essentially living in the car Kyle used to commute to Orange County for work.



Despite the tough circumstances, the family got through it because of each other. Still, when traversing hard times, most people will ask the same question proposed in the song: “I’m at the end of my rope, is it all in my head or am I better off dead?”

Explaining “Just Fine,” Kyle says, “I wanted this song to be kind of anthemic. I want people to feel like this song is a hand on their back reassuring them through the hard times.”

Beginning in 2018, Kuwalla started playing the length and breadth of the West Coast, refining their sound and mastering the skill of performing for live audiences, playing venues such as House of Blues, The Roxy, and Resident LA, as well as a host of others.

Made up of Kyle Sain (lead vocals, guitar), Brian Huynh (lead guitar, vocals), Marty Griffin (drums), and Danny Leserman (bass, keyboards), Kuwalla’s sound mirrors the music they immersed themselves in while growing up, merging elements of alt-rock, hard rock, and blues into infectious sonic concoctions full of vim and vigor.

“Just Fine” opens on glistening guitars riding a fat, deliciously rolling bassline and tight, crisp drums. I love the unpretentious yet galvanizing lead guitar accents. Kyle’s voice, effortless and slightly raspy, infuses the lyrics with easy intimacy and cool textures, while glowing retro-flavored harmonies fill the backdrop with a soft radiance, adding to the song’s layered depth and scope.

A gleaming guitar-filled breakdown shifts the melody from scrummy almost yacht-rock coloration, to upbeat, driving rock dynamics punctuated by Brian’s blistering guitar licks, and then drops back into the contagious primary melody.

“Just Fine” is just what the doctor ordered: irresistible alt-rock with charismatic vocals, luminous harmonies, and an easygoing summertime feel.

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