Knoxville, Tennessee-based pop-rock outfit Sonic Fuel dropped a new single/lyric video on June 15. It’s entitled “I Will Rise” and is about mending the pain in one’s heart.

Sonic Fuel is made up of David Hales (vocals, rhythm guitar), Chris Robbins (rhythm guitar), Burton Akers (bass), Seth Hales (drums), Julius Blue (keyboards), and Andy Wood (lead guitar), with the single being produced by Travis Wyrick, Chris Robbins, and David Hales.

Speaking to the song, David Hales shares, “When someone you love decides to end their life abruptly and leave you behind, it is nothing short of devastating. ‘I Will Rise’ is an expression of determination; a cry out to the world that the darkness someone left you writhing in will soon be a thing of the past.”

Formed in 2019 by frontman David Hales, Sonic Fuel cites influences from Foo Fighters, Tonic, Rival Sons, Alter Bridge, and Collective Soul, resulting in “heavy riffs and power chords with melodic storylines of life itself.”

“I Will Rise” opens on searing, muscular guitars and rumbling drums exuding hints of pop-punk, and then drops into a teeter-tottering harmonic flow, as Hales’ deliciously evocative tenor surges with urgent intensity and passion.

On the verses, a rolling, plucking guitar joins the Jovian crunch of the snare to imbue the tune with tender proximity, as Hales’ emotional voice contemplates the aching hurt emanating from inside – the remaining residue for his lover, now gone by her own hand.

“You left me standing in the dark / No one can see the fire that’s inside me / And I know I’m gonna rise again / I guess your secrets took no mercy on your soul / But you couldn’t let me in so baby, how was I to know?”

Shimmering and glowing with platinum coloration, the chorus ramps up to swashbuckling levels of momentum, simultaneously rippling and alluring with sonic oomph. Wood’s sizzling punk-flavored guitar solo injects the song with burning, fervent heat.

Sonic Fuel has it going on! “I Will Rise” pumps out thick, hefty waves of dynamic get-up-and-go atop an infectious rhythm and superb vocals.

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