Brooklyn-based alt-folk artist Theresa Lucia recently released her five-track EP, Boxes, “her personal ode to family, equality, heartbreak and the healing powers of life in the big city.”

Theresa Lucia

Theresa Lucia

Raised just north of Boston, Theresa divides her time between New England, Southwest Florida, and New York City. Her family owns and operates a beach-side restaurant in Florida.

Produced by Chris Camilleri and Justin Goldner, Boxes features the talents of Zack Jones (drums), and Justin Goldner (piano, keyboards, Ukulele, electric and acoustic guitars).

The title track begins the EP, opening on a soft acoustic guitar topped by Theresa’s deliciously drawling voice, slightly nasal yet bewitching. A measured rhythm made up of finessed drums and a fat bassline give the tune a rolling undulation. On the chorus, Theresa’s rich tones, along with gleaming colors, infuse the tune with glowing energy, alluring and wonderfully magnetic.

“Shake The Tree” opens on percolating coloration flowing into a stuttering-lite rhythm, followed by shimmering textures from the guitars and a lowing organ. Although the melody blends alt-pop and alt-country savor, one can discern elusive tints of reggae-lite in the skiffing guitars.

“The Text” travels on emerging oozing tones, swelling with dark colors, as the yummy surfaces of Theresa’s tone glide overhead. Sparkling infuse the music with luminous inflections. The slow progress of the tune, drifting and almost floating, charms and invites listeners in.

“Pacifier” features burgeoning blues flavors, dirt, and infused with risky tensions. Muddy guitars and tight percussion add to the song’s dark dangerous mood, as Theresa’s smoke-laced tones infuse the lyrics with visceral colors and imperative textures.

“Roll With The Punches” features an alt-folk melody tinted with SoCal alt-country aromas. A gorgeous piano imbues the tune with gently sloping hues, as Theresa’s voice shifts, rising and falling on scrumptious evocative tones.

The highlight of Boxes is twofold: supple, compelling melodies and the inimitably captivating, luscious timbres of the voice of Theresa Lucia.

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