Beautiful Dudes release their new EP, Nite Songs, today, September 4, via Dowd Records.

Made up of Tom Bevitori (vocals), Art Echternacht (bass), Robbie Landsburg (guitar), and Zach Peach (drums), according to Jonathan Widran over at The JW Vibe, the mere existence of the band approaches the phenomenal.

Widran writes, “Bevitori started the band years before their debut, but put the band on hold when he moved to Portland and endured a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, a messy divorce, and substance abuse issues, which aggregately almost killed him. Moving back to Nevada City and resurrected Beautiful Dudes was his saving grace – and leads now to the frenetic, unforgettable bliss of Nite Songs.”

In addition to new music, the Dudes released a limited-edition skateboard deck and exclusive single in conjunction with Lurkville Skateboards. And the band is featured on the compilation album of the Nevada City Film Festival. At the end of September, the Dudes will drop a live EP.

Nite Songs comprises six-tracks, beginning with “Nothing but the Black,” which rolls out on Rob Zombie-like murky tones flavored with retro savors of alt-rock. Dark and deep, the song is perfectly tailored for a Quentin Tarantino movie, such as Reservoir Dogs – noir and pulsating with menacing energy.

“Beverly Hills” rides dirty, muscular guitars and a rumbling rhythm topped by harsh textures. “Nite Nite” grinds and growls with cavernous coloration and beaucoup vibrating grunge aromas, while Bevitori’s chaffing vocals inject the lyrics with risky danger.

“I Don’t Ever Want to Get out of Bed” blends the thrumming, booming, echoing dynamics of Alice In Chains with the heft of Stone Temple Pilots, as Bevitori’s rasping tones infuse the lyrics with coping ambiance.

“Today is Just Today” projects hints of sepulchral surf rock merged with reverberating alt-rock. The ultimate track, “The Champion,” fuses psych-rock, grunge, and tangs of doom into a fat, blistering, heavy, thick song crowned by vocals so brash and swashbuckling you can barely decipher the lyrics.

What sets this EP apart is its passionate sonic mass, simultaneously visceral and immense, chock-full of deliciously extensive distortion, giving the harmonics vehement brawny ferocity.

Nite Songs is a paragon of original music, pervaded by rugged, shabby, muzzy guitars, Jovian drums, and Bevitori’s devastating voice.

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