Switzerland-based composer, orchestrator, instrumentalist, and producer Nashaat Salman recently released Live It All My Way, featuring Emmy-nominated composer and singer John Lee Sanders.

Like Clark Kent, Nashaat has two identities: he works by day as an engineer and business manager but transforms into a consummate composer and performer of music capable of being heard and enjoyed by people across the world regardless of cultural background.

His superb blend of pop and electronic elements generates music for those looking for the meaning of life, encouraging transformation at the level of self-change, “giving love, being loved, free their mind and their souls,” while comprehending that “the grass on the other side is not always green.”

With both Eastern and Western influences, Nashaat’s music doesn’t fit neatly into a singular category. Rather it utilizes melodic themes appropriate to the song.

Initially, Nashaat composed for radio and television. In 2015, he released his debut EP, a multi-volume project called Universal Melodies.

Encompassing three differentiated tracks of the same name, the EP begins with “Live It All My Way,” opening on low-slung vocals attended by a sparkling piano, fat bassline, and percolating percussion. Dazzling, stuttering synth colors lead to Sanders’ scrumptiously rich voice, infusing the tune with grand, optimistic energy. I love the twinkling layers of synths topping the beautiful piano.

“Live It All My Way (Short Version)” travels on a similar stream of tonality, except on this version the bassline comes across as extended and more resonant. The melodic emphasis features the gleaming piano fused with surges of bright synth hues.

The final version, “Live It All My Way (Karaoke Version),” rides the creamy current of the piano, adding softer, subtle sections of suffused colors. Bubbling synths imbue the tune with effervescing tinctures, adding glowing depth and dimension.

Fusing dance-lite rhythm, glistening fizzes of electro-pop flavors, and the deluxe voice of John Lee Sanders provides “Live It All My Way” with cogent allure.

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