Brooklyn-based blues trio, Bushwick Blooze Band, recently unveiled the first single, “Lonely and Blue,” lifted from their upcoming sophomore album, Yes Dear.

Made up of Brother Dave (vocals, guitar), Chas Rio (bass), and David Cornejo (drums), the band’s genesis occurred in 2018, when Chas recruited Brother Dave and David for the band, simultaneously establishing Chas Rio Music.

Guitarist/vocalist Brother Dave has been performing and touring since he was 17-years-old, while drummer David, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, has done everything from busking to teaching to session-recording.

They released their first album, Cryin’ for the L Train, at the beginning of 2019. The album embraces iconic songs from their influences, like Little Richard, The Allman Brothers Band, Freddie King, and Eddie Vinson. Praised by media outlets, the album exudes the band’s appetite for blues-rock.

Right now, Bushwick Blooze Band is putting the final touches on Yes Dear, working with Grammy-nominated Daniel Alba. Comprising entirely original songs, ranging from traditional blues, blues-rock, and jazz-flavored blues, the album demonstrates the band’s developing, captivating virtuosity.

“Lonely and Blue” opens on a searing blues guitar riding a fat bassline and a tight, measured beat. Vaguely reminiscent of The Allman Brothers Band merged with ZZ Top, the tune’s resonant thrum dishes out viscous textures of oozing blues. A low-slung, braying organ adds despondent rinses of staggering inflections, crying and sighing with aching sadness.

Brother Dave’s rasping voice delivers just the right flavors of chaffing timbres and moody regret. His dazzling guitar solo infuses the tune with deliciously tempting savors of Mississippi melancholy.

The loneliness and heartache reflected by the lyrics make no pretense of stoic resignation to the emotional pain.

“I see nothing / Without you / Just lonely and blue.”

On “Lonely and Blue,” Bushwick Blooze Band delves into the scrumptious abyss of gooey, undulating blues-rock with assurance – offering some of the best blues-rock around today.

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