Philadelphia-based electropop artist David Thompson recently released a new EP, entitled the wall, featuring five-tracks.

Recorded before COVID-19 altered the face of daily life, work, education, and social interaction, the concept of ‘time’ now carries novel nuances previously only applicable to those experiencing extended periods of isolation – astronauts, researchers in arctic regions, and prisoners.

From 2012 to 2014, David Thompson played with the indie trio Big Tusk, followed by organizing the Philly Tenants Union and Philly Workers for Dignity. He put together a super-group of Philly musicians, released Into the Night, and then supported the release with a short tour, performing as the Nasty Star Hermit Band.

A professional chorister, David performed at the historic St. Clement’s Church on Sundays, singing ancient hymns and complex Masses. When the pandemic closed everything down, David found himself quarantined in his bedroom, which ignited his passion for music.

The EP begins with “time,” opening on lapping layered colors shaping a dazzling electro-pop melody infused with new wave aromas. David’s voice, taut and Brit-inflected, pushes out dreamy, slightly eerie, yet tantalizing timbres.

Next up is the title track, traveling on a thumping rhythm topped by gleaming, swirling hues. Blending elements of new wave, twee pop, EDM, and electro-pop, “the wall” shimmers with effervescent energy.

“this goon cant” opens on bright coruscations of color, flowing into a new wave-flavored pop melody. On one level, the tune is deliciously minimal, while on another level, the individual harmonic layers complement each other, fashioning glittering textures.

“clair” rolls out on jangly guitars riding dream-pop savors, smooth but wistful, exuding sparkling hues. David’s voice imbues the lyrics with pensive, lingering tones.

“Claire I’ve wasted all these years / Claire I don’t think it ever clears without you / Just a broken line / Let me in your voice sometime / Claire I feel I let you down / Claire I’m glad you can’t see me now / Oh Claire.”

“Obsession” is reminiscent of John Lennon covering Devo. Percolating notes accent the new wave-laced electro-pop melody with trembling, toddling pulses. Although the music is buoyant, the lyrics deliver a regretful edge, narrating the loss of something real.

the wall pushes out innovative retro new wave flavors merged with voguish electro-pop, capped by the swanky voice of David Thompson.

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