Tattoo artists have seen it all. From clients who want their unmentionables tattooed in front of hundreds of strangers to folks hocking loogies out of their tracheotomy hole, people act like damn fools in the tattoo shop. These are some of the crazy client stories we’ve ever heard. Enjoy laughing your butts off at these tales but please, we beg of you, please don’t act like any of the clients mentioned in here.

Hopefully #13 is lucky for us here at Inked. We’ve rounded up all of your favorite tattooers for our 13th season of Tattoo Artists React. This season we’ll be discussing all of the most important tattoo-related topics—rude things people have said about their tattoos, some advice for people getting their first tattoo, tattoos they regret and more. Plus, our panel judges the tattoos you sent in and they share all of their crazy client stories. It’s going to be a season filled with excitement, hilarity and even the occasional tear. New episodes will be posted every Friday.

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This season’s stars:

Charles Arizmendy
Chris Torres
Courtney Raimondi
Danny Lepore
Erigels Vogli
Jason Ackerman
Jon Mesa
Jozzy Camacho
Kenny K Bar
Kevin Boudreau
Lisette Martinez
Mada Fleming
Maria Garza
Megan Massacre
Michela Bottin-Ackerman
Nick Matic
Paul Booth
Tom Kraky

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