Norwegian electronic/folk/pop artist Metaspion, aka Morten Richter, dropped Cryptomeduza at the end of October via Push Records.

Talking about the album, Metaspion says, “On this album, I have continued to make Nordic folk-inspired themes over dark, slow, and heavy electronic beats. I have gone deeper into both Nordic folk music and sound design on synthesizers. Creating sounds from scratch that blends well with the medieval instruments has been interesting. I think Cryptomeduza has a bit more spiritual vibe to it than my debut. It’s also a bit darker and harder. It’s not a typical summer album, it’s more like a Nordic winter.”

Essentially, on Cryptomeduza, Metaspion blends traditional Nordic folk music with elements of EDM and hints of black metal, as well as tinctures of Gothic.

In 2018, Metaspion dropped Folktronika Schmolkfonika, amassing vast acclaim from media outlets. With Cryptomeduza, he pushes his unique sound outward, extending and advancing the soundscapes in ever new directions.

Guest musicians appearing on Cryptomeduza include Terje Johannesen (trumpet), Line Kaupang (vocals, Elfi Sverdrup (vocals), Joshua Rothgeir Rood (vocals), and Sylvia Lônner (vocals).

Explaining his guests’ contributions, Metaspion says, “I have a few interesting guests on the album, from a variety of genres. Elfi Sverdrup contributes with Joik (music of the native Norwegians, Sami people). And on the other end, there is Josua Hrodgeir Rood from the black metal band Nexion.”

Encompassing 12-tracks, the album begins with “Kundalini,” opening on blasting thrums riding a slightly funky rhythm exuding folk flavors. Highlights include “Push,” with its dark industrial sound effects rolling out on a potent throbbing rhythm, while filtered tones infuse the tune with eccentric timbres. As the harmonics proceed, the track takes on savors of Nordic and Egyptian coloration.

“Gandr” surges with EDM and alternative metal energy, rippling with blaring textures topped by chant-like vocals. Whereas “What Happened” pulses with vibrant EDM energy amalgamated with Nordic folk fiddles, while Kylie Minogue-like vocals deliver sing-song aromas, only tighter and more galloping.

“Motherfucker” features a hip-hop-lite intro flowing into humming dance dynamics accented by heavy groaning sounds and strident Nordic fiddles. The final track, “Custom Gustaf” travels on luminous hues fused with industrial dance momentum, followed by Spaghetti Western coloration fused with Nordic folk washes.

Cryptomeduza is better than superb, chock-full of a rainbow of sounds, including Gothic, Nordic, EDM, and tints of ferocious industrial metal. Don’t miss this album.

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