Maryland-based rock artist Red Skies Mourning, aka Chris Aleshire, releases “Signs From You,” a song about the array of dark emotions in the aftermath of an unsuccessful rescue search.

Chris explains, “I work as an Engineer for a Major Cloud Software Company. One of my customers’ daughters went missing. They searched for her for 4 days until they found her body; she committed suicide. When I spoke to him about it, he made a blog about seeing signs from her from the day she went missing and continues to see them that she’s okay.

“Putting myself in his shoes and also having had close friends commit suicide, people tend to push things off, be more self-absorbed, not seeing or noticing friends in need. So the lyrics directly describe continually both the What Could I have Done? and also knowing they are in a better place but yet the guilt will stay with you always. I am a US Marine Corps Veteran, so this is for suicide awareness and PTSD.”

While growing up in Maryland, Chris listened to pop, metal, and rock, followed by later playing in hardcore bands, along with performing at CBGB, Nations, and The Underworld in London.

After joining the USMC, Chris worked at the Pentagon during 9/11 in the area the plane hit. Miraculously, Chris wasn’t there that day – he’d overslept.

Appearing on “Signs From You” are: Chris Aleshire (vocals, songwriter), JR Richards of Dishwalla assisted with the arrangement and provides backing vocals, Ryan Elwood (drums), and Andrea Landeck (bass, guitar). Jeff Kanan and Chris co-produced.

“Signs From You” opens on potent guitars, followed by the entry of a low-slung yet brawny rhythm, at once finessed and undulating with rippling impetus. Chris’ tight tenor infuses the lyrics with intense timbres. When JR Richards joins in, the resulting harmonies add a resonant dimension.

“Tomorrow, it seemed like just another day / Since you’ve been gone, this emptiness I feel inside / Just won’t fade away / And all I see are the signs from you.”

Rolling under the shadows of darker emotions, on “Signs From You,” Red Skies Mourning serves up an excellent rock song, full of poignant vocals. Misguided By Fate, Red Skies Mourning’s debut EP is slated to drop in 2021.

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