Audiovisual artist LEViT∆TE introduces his debut album, Legacy, a collection of 10-tracks, each complemented by visuals.

Legacy narrates the tale of a futuristic, dystopian world following the collapse of society. Before the collapse, Mesics, a chemical and mechanical engineer, designed weapons for the military. Thirty years later, Mesics finds himself tasked with eradicating a ferrofluid substance called ‘The Harbinger.’ Accompanied by his grandson Max and an android named Percy, Mesics sets forth to locate and destroy The Harbinger.

Based in Seattle, LEViT∆TE melds elements of dubstep, drum and bass, turntablism, hip-hop, and avant-garde bass music into ultramodern soundscapes awash in innovative, tantalizing textures. After releasing “God Status,” which caught the attention of Bassnectar, LEViT∆TE and Bassnectar collaborated on two albums.

Since then, LEViT∆TE composed the soundtrack for The Tax Collector, starring Shia Labeouf, along with having his music featured in 2017’s The X-Games, and performed at the iVoted festival with Billie Eilish and T.I., as well as collaborating with an impressive list of artists: Fuse 808 Mafia, Mayhem, Holly, DJ Ride, Gunplay, Macntaj, Zuse, and others.

Along with his residency at Seattle’s Q Nightclub, LEViT∆TE has shared the stage with Baauer, Shlohmo, and Hudson Mohawke, followed by headlining performances at Opera Nightclub, SKY, The Crocodile, The Main Street Armory, The New Parish, and District N9ne.

Legacy begins with “96,” featuring Kody Ryan, opening on melancholic emerging tones topped by shadowy, resonant vocals flowing into a thumping rhythmic pulse attended by ominous coloration.

As the audio storyline proceeds, “Among Trees” offers sepulchral dread-filled tones rife with thick, viscous bass and industrial effects. A low-slung piano invests the musical interlude “To The Core” with grave hues, followed by drifting wisps of ruinous sonic nuances.

“Psychosis” probes Mesic’s downward spiral into psychoneurotic realms as he fashions a remedy for The Harbinger. Chock-full of glaring, discordant tones, the tune immerses listeners in the depths of irrationality.

“Harbinger” transports listeners to a face-to-face confrontation with the toxic miasma, mirroring fluttering rhythms, surreal warped sounds, and visceral primeval pressures. After the smoldering energy discharged by “Casualties,” the entry of “Brighter Horizons” injects the tale with flickers of luminosity and tentative optimism, yet still suffused by filaments of solemnity.

The videos for each track conjure up comparisons to Ridley Scott and Stanley Kubrick, regaling viewers with a fantastic audio-visual experience.

Superbly wrought, Legacy offers wicked soundscapes saturated in supercharged visuals, submerging listeners in potent hazes of sound and deluxe images.

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