Not every tattoo idea is a winner. Frankly, some of them are downright repugnant. We asked our panel of artists what types of tattoos they’ve had to refuse in the past. Some clients have wild ideas, some have concepts that no tattooer could ever possibly bring to life and come clients have ideas that are beyond disgusting.

At this rate, we’re pumping out seasons of Tattoo Artists React faster than those “Now This Is What I Call Music” psychopaths. This time around, we’ve brought back some of your favorite characters to share their ridiculous stories, per your requests. We also had the chance to sit down with some folks for the very first time. This season you’ll watch us tackle the big questions, tell some silly tales and react to this thing the kids seem to love called TikTok.

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Anthony Christian
Boris Bianchi
Bradley Silver
Dan Czar
Deanna Maffeo
Jesse Levitt
Joey Perez
Kasey Gonzalez
Mike Devries
Nick the Tailor
Nico Perez
Nora Ink
Pony Lawson
Raphael Barros
Robby Latos
Sara Fabel
Sasha Masiuk
Thom Bulman
Victoria Todd
Woah Kat

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