London-based hip hop/reggae/indie artists Rebel ACA and French Monkey Wrench hooked up with iSTAND and Danny Sprang on the recently released “Dance Without Fear.”

After working with Spragga Benz on Chilagon, Rebel ACA ran into iSTAND, a close friend of Benz. The meeting produced musical sparks, so the two recruited Danny and French to join, resulting in a dazzling blend of talent.

Rebel ACA (Anti-clockwise Attitude) and French Monkey Wrench first met when one managed and the other produces a funk reggae band. Since then, like Yin and Yang, they frequently collaborate. They also work with artists like Shawn Lee, Harry Shotta, Doc Brown, Lil Rossco, and Mr Len, along with a host of others.

So when it came time to lay down “Dance Without Fear,” it seemed natural to bring in iSTAND, renowned MC and co-founder of Red Square Productions, as well as Danny Sprang, another mega-gifted artist.

“Dance Without Fear” opens on rumbling tones accompanied by click-clacking percussion, while almost scatting vocals roll out overhead. When the song takes shape, traveling on tropical hip-hop tints imbued with hefty reggae energy, Rebel’s delicious argot gives the lyrics rapid-fire flow.

“Let’s get this year wrapped / Grow out beards, get real fat / Find our hats / Tip them forward and wind them back / Blow your fears, get jacked.”

French provides backing vocals, bass, keys, drums, and guitar as iSTAND and Sprang drop in tasty harmonies, as well as the dizzying rhyming refrain, infusing the lyrics with yummy tonal accents.

Contagious because of the variety of blissful sonic elements forming the song, “Dance Without Fear” definitely gets listeners’ blood surging and hips twitching, demanding they hit the dance floor and move to the groove – and do it sans any inhibition.

“Dance Without Fear” sashays, prances, and struts simultaneously, delivering a hypnotic beat topped by captivating layers of vocals.

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