In just a few days – February 10 – Dublin, Ireland-based indie-rock/electro/post-punk artist Dizmation, aka Joey Doyle, will release his new album, Sea Area Forecast. The album’s lead single, “Still,” was released on January 27.

Self-produced in his home studio in Dublin, Dizmation’s sound is difficult to pigeonhole into a single genre. His sound dips into sonic elements from a diverse range of genres, including electronica, garage rock, and dream-pop.

Sea Area Forecast comprises 11-tracks, beginning with “One More Time With Feeling,” riding a measured thumping kick-drum and gently wailing guitar, topped by Dizmation’s wistful voice. When the harmonics ramp up, taking on dirty, rough guitar flavors, the tune assumes garage rock aromas, murky and distorted.

Highlights include “Still,” a driving, rambling melody blending garage rock and punk-lite tangs. Grating guitars fill the tune with thick wall-of-sound essence, while Radiohead-like vocals travel overhead, giving the lyrics pensive urgency.

“In Arcadia” conjures up memories of the Kings of Leon, rife with fuzzed-out guitars delivering hefty hazes of coloration. Dizmation’s voice projects slightly remote timbres, imbuing the lyrics with longing suggestions. This is a personal favorite.

The tantalizing voice of Aniela provides “Portal” with deluxe tones, almost drifting, yet potently affecting. Shifting chords inject the harmonics with buff art-pop dynamics, emphasizing the song’s dream-pop with muscle shading.

“Limelight,” another excellent track, rolls out on strapping platinum-colored guitars, glazed with rasping tones, summoning up hints of R.E.M. Whereas “Dodgy Connector” features growling guitars pushing out punk impetus.

“Take It Away” merges alt-pop, alt-rock-lite, and tints of prog-rock scope into a nuanced, gleaming tune. With “Humanizer,” Dizmation offers an oscillating, swirling electronic song, replete with buzzing, whooshing synths.

On Sea Area Forecast, Dizmation shines forth, especially on the songs chock-full of gruff, abrasive guitars, when he’s at his best. This is an album well worth checking out.

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