Florida-based indie-pop/synth-pop artist J.L.G. recently released a stimulating, funky single, entitled “Lion Lady,” via E Major Music. Right up front, know that this is a grand, lustrous song.

Describing the thrill of creating music, J.L.G. shares, “Music is my purpose, undoubtedly. I live for the creation process, the tireless hours ruminating on ideas in the studio, the trial, and error, the groupthink – there is such a rush to create essentially something out of nothing.”

He goes on to add, “As for Miami, I want to bring a refreshing, authentic sound to my city, and make them proud. Show them that an artist and quirky weird kid like myself can contribute to the culture in my own specific way. I definitely want to contribute to my cities artistic culture. There is a certain perception of south Florida/Miami that I believe is somewhat misunderstood.  I just want to be a breath of fresh air, and someone for the city to be proud of. Especially as a Latino artist. I want to paint a “different” picture of South Florida, through my lens.”

The musical project of Jordan Luigi Guadalupe, J.L.G.’s sound merges savors of synth-pop, indie-rock, and dance music into tasty concoctions of music. Two years ago, in 2019, J.L.G. made an impact with the release of his debut EP, Vendetta, followed by dropping two singles – “Woolies” and “Cross Country (Blackthorn)” – in 2020. His first single of 2021 is “Lion Lady,” which will be attended by a short film.

“Lion Lady” opens on smooth, low-slung creamy R&B textures accented by gleaming synth-pop colors, infusing the tune with lush, tropical flavors. The polyrhythmic tempo injects the tune with elusively tantalizing funk-lite undulations.

The haunting falsetto tones of the vocals imbue the lyrics with cashmere ripples of seductive, sensual hues. Delicate nuances of sonic surfaces give the song an alluring, captivating flow – silky and allusive.

With “Lion Lady,” J.L.G. delivers gilded synth-pop rife with erotic touches of plush R&B, simultaneously beguiling and hypnotic.

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