San Diego-based electronic producer Player Dave, aka Charlie Sahm, and FLY introduce the second single, “Boundless Perception,” from his forthcoming debut album, Where The Wind Blew Me, slated to drop March 26.

Talking about the track’s genesis, Player Dave shares, “After a few years of collaborating together, Naseem (FLY) and I developed this sound that was noticeably different from either of our solo work. We got closer to what was in our heads each time we worked together, and finally hit the nail on the head with ‘Boundless Perception.’”

While FLY adds, “When PD first showed me the initial ideas on his album years ago, I was super inspired by the diversity of sounds and was honored to contribute to the project with our tune. Writing the track together was natural and flowed from start to finish very quickly. PD is a life-long friend and I’m blessed to have him in my life.”

Comparatively new on the dance music scene, Player Dave immediately made an impact, performing at Lightning in a Bottle and sharing the stage with CharlesTheFirst, as well as accruing a vast fan-base overnight. After taking a break to center himself spiritually, physically, and mentally, Player Dave is back with “Boundless Perception,” following on the heels of “Dumb,” which appeared on Spotify’s Fresh Finds.

“Boundless Perception” opens on emerging space-age coloration, spinning and rippling with coruscating accents. An ethereal voice flows dreamily overhead as the thumping rhythm kicks in. Percolating hues bubble up amide tendrils of oscillating tinctures, while a muscular bassline injects compressed undulations.

Nuanced with wind-swept atmospheric rinses, “Boundless Perception” effervesces on low-slung glossy melodicism, simultaneously innovative and easily proximate. A trembling, misty, shimmering breakdown imbues the tune with haunting tones and then ramps up to lustrous textures.

“Boundless Perception” offers a totally new sonic direction for Player Dave, a direction at once tantalizing and luxuriously alluring.

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