Houston, Texas-based electronic project Beatnik Neon released their full-length LP not long ago, entitled Yoreself.

Beatnik Neon describes their music, “Beatnik Neon is derived from pure emotion. Fit for the dark-themed, but with no limits on genres.”

In March of this year, Chromatic Music had this to say about Beatnik Neon’s sound: “Beatnik Neon’s style oscillates between Hip Hop mixed with a deeper ethereal lush soundscape’s vibes and a unique slow tempo that makes each song unique, entertaining, and easy to listen along with the rest but keeping it Old School while being modern at the same time.”

Essentially, it’s a sound blending tints of pop, R&B, rock, psychedelic, jazz, and classical.

A duo, Beatnik Neon is made up of Nolan Farmer (percussion, synth, guitar, bass) and Yann McBreton (cello, piano), while the album features the additional talents of Paul Simmons, Christopher Greaney, MIEARS, and Christine Nicole.

Comprising eight tracks, Yoreself begins with “Colors,” opening on the melancholic tones of a piano and cello, followed by a dreamy, urgent voice. A syncopated rhythm attended by a fat, vibrating bassline gives the tune punch over which coruscating hues ride.

Entry points include “Rag and Bone,” featuring the dazzling, luscious voice of Christine Nicole. A percolating piano tops a potent beat, while Christine’s voice infuses the duet with wafting, crystalline textures.

“Attic,” although short, is exquisitely gorgeous, allowing Yann to display his marvelous technique on the piano. “Spiders” showcases the flute-like tones of the synth, while the brooding cello gives the music dark somber textures.

“Yourself” rolls out on gleaming hints of R&B savors imbued with touches of jazz, while simultaneously suffused with dream-pop flavors. Ghostly and serpentine, Christine’s voice sighs with brilliant timbres, followed by the entrance of a moody saxophone.

The final track, “Nocturne,” travels on darker colors, at once classically flavored and undulating with Latin sensuality. A skintight, searing guitar solo, contrasting against the elegant flow of the piano infuses the tune with dual layers of energy.

With Yoreself, Beatnik Neon does the impossible – amalgamating classical tendrils with a variety of tangs, resulting in mysterious allure. Yoreself is definitely worthwhile.

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