London-based experimental duo Immortal Machinery dropped their new EP, Bartok – ReOrganised, not long ago, an exceptional tribute to Hungarian composer Bela Bartok.

As the EP’s title implies, a Hammond organ sits at the core of the music, along with violin, piano, and a jazz rhythm section.

Made up of Steph K (violin, organ, piano) and Mateusz G (electric and upright bass, drum programming), Immortal Machinery formed in 2013, when Steph K and Mateusz G met during a jam night in London. Over the course of time, including three albums, two tours of the UK, and performances in Europe and Scandinavia, Immortal Machinery’s sound metamorphosed from rock to the imaginative experimental sound of today.

Encompassing five tracks, the EP begins with “Allegro Molto,” opening on strident colors atop a rumbling jazz-flavored rhythm. Exotic layers of classical hues blend with tints of prog-metal into intertwining leitmotifs. As the harmonics descend to religious flavors, the organ glows with baroque suffusions.

“Intermezzo” oozes with dark jazz textures, low-slung and undulating on haunting, lingering tones. A fat bassline imbues the tune with thick depth, while the sparkling piano trembles with evocative timbres. “Melody in the Mist” travels on a vibrating bassline as the organ emits minimal vaporous resonance. Akin to fusion jazz, the tune quivers with luminous and sepulchral pigments, giving it latent radiance.

“Clash and Clang” opens with a frenetic intro flowing into jarring classical tangs merging with a melodic piano and futuristic essence. “Notturno” travels on a slinking, cavernous bassline backed by shimmering cymbals. The eerie tones of the Hammond organ enter, giving the tune dirge-like echoes. Simultaneously plush and somber, “Notturno” projects spine-chilling layers of sound, blending mysterious delicacy with thick tumescence.

Marvelously wrought and arranged, with Bartok – ReOrganised, Immortal Machinery conveys classical music rife with avant-garde jazz expressions.

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