Chicago-based indie-rock outfit Zorila introduces the music video for “Promenade,” a song about learning from the past and growing.

Made up of Stew Arp, Nate Finn, Anthony Hish, and Henry Arp, Zorila got together in 2018, when four musicians recognized their musical chemistry. Not long ago, they made a big decision. Quitting their jobs and packing up their belongings, they moved to Chicago to pursue their dream in the Windy City.

Talking about the video, Stew shares, “The intent of the promenade music video was to keep it simple. It’s essentially just a video about us collaborating and writing the song together! Just a bunch of guys being dudes!”

Stew explained the song’s inspiration to V13’s Graham Finney, “’Promenade’ is a song about self-growth and personal reflection. It’s about learning from past mistakes in an effort to become a better you. The main character in “Promenade” is having a 1 on 1 conversation within themself about themself. In the second verse, I say, ‘you’ve been pacing, not facing all of the problems in your life, and it’s f&*king up your vibe, but you never know what’s going on inside’ which I think is a relatable lesson for everyone. Quit avoiding and deflecting the problems and obstacles in your life. Listen, learn, and grow.”

“Promenade” opens on a bluesy, jazzy guitar flowing into a low-slung, creamy melody flavored with hints of soft yacht rock. When the harmonics ramp up, the tune takes on heavier indie-rock savors brimming with shimmering washes of color.

A luscious sax gives the solo swanky braying hues, sensuous and alluring, followed by an oozing breakdown segueing into a wafting climax topped by the gliding saxophone. Cashmere vocals, tender yet potent, imbue the lyrics with silky tones.

The video, at once charming and genuine, depicts the band in an apartment playing their instruments, joking around, playing cards, and chess.

Smooth and glossy, “Promenade” delivers posh textures and velvety surfaces of sound, all capped by upmarket vocals.

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