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You Won’t Regret That Tattoo Documentary

‘You Wont Regret That Tattoo’ is a short documentary that explores the meanings and memories behind the tattoos of an older generation, and challenges the belief that ink is something we will come to regret. FILM CREDITS Director: Angie Bird Producer: Michelle Woodward Executive Producer: Michelle Woodward Executive Producer: Liane Thomas Executive Producer: Dan Ford Cinematographer: Viktor Cahoj Editor: Izzy Ehrlich Set Designer: Simon Francois Art Director: Angie Bird Post Production: Rooster Post Post Production Executive: Melissa Kahn Colour: Alter Ego Colourist: Tricia Hagoriles Producer: Jane Garrah Executive Producer: Greg Edgar Graphic Design and Post Production Facility: Crush Graphic...

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Michael Jackson’s son, Prince, honours his dad with new tattoo

Prince Jackson calls the tattoo “incredible and beautiful” and says it took nine hours to complete. Michael Jackson’s son, Prince, is showing off a tattoo tribute to the late King of Pop. Prince Jackson posted a video of the new ink on Instagram on Friday. It shows Michael Jackson in a signature black-and-red outfit striking a dance pose. His up-raised arms are laced with angel wings. Prince Jackson calls the tattoo “incredible and beautiful.” He says it took nine hours to complete. Thanks @dermagraphink for sittin 9hrs with me for such an incredible and beautiful tattoo. I will be posting...

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Athletes and Ink : Sports Stars and Their Tattoos

For all you tattoo lovers out there, here is a special edition just for you. When you combine amazing athletes, like professional skateboarder Leticia Bufoni (above) and tattoos, you can’t help but look. Below you will find 10 tattooed athletes. 10. Christmas Abbott – CrossFit Games Competitor, Olympic Weightlifter, NASCAR Pit Crew In addition to being as athletic as it gets, Christmas prides herself on being a branding adviser. She works with individuals and teams to craft their own unique brands. She is also a Head Trainer for Oxygen Magazine Trainer Challenge. Abbott also created the Badass Body Diet. It...

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The Most Tattoo-Friendly Workplaces

There are some really dope companies out there that are down with tattoos. One of the biggest arguments against getting tattoos is that it will affect your career possibilities in the future. It’s an unfortunate stigma associated with body art, but it definitely still exists. Recent polls show that around 42% of people find tattoos to be inappropriate in the workplace, with 63% of people 60 years and older finding them inappropriate. With that said, only around 22% of people aged 18-25 find them to be inappropriate, and with that changing mindset about tattoos, and the fluidity of company policies,...

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A Beginner’s Guide : 10 Tattoo Styles Explained

What’s the difference between American Traditional and Neo Traditional? Beginners, explore 10 popular tattoo styles with our useful guide! 1. Traditional Traditional (also referred to as American Traditional or Old School) is the oldest form of tattooing (after ancient tribal techniques). In the modern world, as we know it, tattooing began with this identifiable style. Solid black outlines, a limited colour palette, less detail and impeccable precision… traditional tattoos stand the test of time. Popular traditional imagery includes roses, hearts, nautical, eagles, skulls, daggers and women’s heads. 2. Realism A tattoo that looks exactly like it would in the...

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