How old are you? In 23 years young.(:

Name some of your tattoos? I have a Luna moth on my hand, William Shakespear quote “what’s past is prologue”, some native American peices on my right arm, butterflies on my back coming out of a grandfathers clock with the word resilence underneath, hands tattooed “free my soul”, Marylin Manson tattoo on my left thigh and quite from the song “Paranoir”, shears on my arm, dead care bear on my forearm, snake and skulls on my right thigh, half heart in my right foot with “I’ll follow you” sister has other half, pinky tattooed “promise”, Mandela tattoo on my right elbow, “xo” from The Weeknd on my left ass cheek(; one winged dove on my left hip.

How many do you have or an average of how many you may have? 1 back peice, 16 other individual tattoos

What is your favorite tattoo and why? Marylin Manson tattoo and quote from the song Paranoir “Fuck you because I loved you, fuck you for loving it too, I don’t need a reason to hate you the way I do” because the quote relates to a relationship I once had.

How long have you been in the industry? I’ve been modeling for 5 years.

What are your special talents? Hula hooping, and dance.

What are your hobbies? Going to music festivals, traveling, spending time with my friends, and dance.


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