December 7th, 2018 :
 – America’s blue collar hardcore heroes Fist Fight have dropped their stellar sophomore album Notebook Full of Hate to an eagerly awaiting fan base.  Notebook Full of Hateis a 12 song anthem of brute anger filled with smashing guitar work, beyond heavy breakdowns and crushing vocals all aimed at the everyday world around us. Notebook is the follow up to Fist Fight’s groundbreaking Conflict album which was released in 2014 to universal acclaim from critics and fans alike.World renowned guitar legend Ahrue Luster of Ill Nino and Machine Head fame on Notebook Full of Hate, “Fist Fight’s “Notebook Full of Hate” is a wrecking ball of an album that really shows the bands song writing evolution and maturity.”

Fist Fight vocalist Dustin Hollmer, ””This is the kind of album that I have always wanted to release. There were a lot of sleepless nights getting this beast ready for distribution, and now we can proudly share it with everyone.”

What Fist Fight‘s contemporaries are saying about them:

Pete Weber of Havok – “If you like your metal with slamming riffs, pounding drums and ferocious vocals. Fist Fight is a band for you!”

Greg Burgess of Allegaeon – “I have had nothing but positive experiences with Fist Fight. Those guys work their assess off.”

David Burke of Mammoth Metal – “Punchy, tight & brutal. The guitar tone tears right into your chest, they chunky & full. Whisper is a great example of this.”

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