Two of the best tattoo artists in the country are about to be awarded a combined $20k cash for earning 1st place positions in the debut Artists’ Cup & People’s Choice annual tattoo artist competitions. The Artists’ Cup and People’s Choice are both year-long competitions that award $20,000+ in cash & prizes to the most talented tattoo artists.

So, what’s the difference between the Tattoo Awards Artists’ Cup and the People’s Choice annual competitions anyway?

The Artists’ Cup tracks tattoo artists who tour the international tattoo convention circuit every year, entering their tattoo art into the thousands of tattoo competitions held across the world. The Artists’ Cup leaderboard is effectively a tally of how often a tattoo artist wins at live tattoo conventions & events. The People’s Choice leaderboard, on the other hand, is Crowns its 2018 Tattoo Artist Champions

a tally of all the votes an artist has received total for their tattoo art on throughout the year.

The 2018 Artists’ Cup Winner is: Allen Bracknell of Grade A Tattoos and Body Piercing in Fort Wayne, IN – winning more than 80 tattoo competition awards in 2018 alone!

And the People’s Choice Winner is: Jymi Calkins of Mind Altering Tattoos in LaCrosse, WI – with just over 101,000 votes for his tattoos!

In addition to our biggest winners from the leaderboard, we’d also like to congratulate tattoo artist Paul Hicks from Folklore Tattoo Company in Mansfield, OH for winning our Tattoo of the Year competition with a whopping 1,160 votes on a single tattoo! He’ll be receiving $1,000 cash plus a year supply of “Blak” lining and shading ink for his win, both courtesy of our sponsor, Allegory Ink.

Want to find out more about Tattoo Awards and what’s in store for 2019? Read the full press release on Cision.

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