Power pop outfit the Imagination Movers just dropped a new album, called 10-4.

Made up of Rich Collins (drums, guitar, bass, keys), Scott Durbin (keys, mandolin), Dave Poche (bass), and Scott “Smitty” Smith (guitar), Imagination Movers formed in 2002, when four friends in New Orleans dreamed up a band that would focus on rock music and positive male role models.

Since then, Imagination Moves have performed for more than one million fans around the world, and star in the Disney Channel’s hit show Imagination Movers. Their music was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Wipeout, and The Today Show.

The band’s shows are live, the real deal. No samples or pre-recorded tracks. Their performances utilize toilet paper, trash can cannons, giant balloons, broken drumsticks, and beau coup confetti.

According to the band, “We work hard to create songs and concert experiences that bring parents and kids together to enjoy a shared experience. On our tenth album, “10-4,” we’re happy to jump genres and themes to address everything from sock collecting and baby talk to the importance of treating all kids with love and respect.”

10-4 encompasses 13-tracks, starting with “Socks,” an upbeat pop song about collecting socks. Highlights on the album include “Talking To The Baby,” which opens with an infectious shuffle flowing into a funk-flavored tune with doo-wop vocal harmonies. There’s a breezy tropical savor to the tune that makes it buoyant and fresh.

“Butterfly Wings,” featuring Lisa Loeb rides a soft folk rock tune with a potent rhythm and a shimmering banjo that gives the tune tight colors, as the dulcet tones of Loeb infuse the tune with scrumptious colors. “Sunday Morning Song” delivers gentle harmonics, a warm ambience, and creamy vocal harmonies. The song feels like Sunday morning, easy and a little laid-back.

“Tow Truck” travels on a hip-hop-lite beat with stylish rapping and emerging synth hues. “Kindergarten Graduation” is my favorite tune on the album because of its pulsing, contagious flow and pop pizzazz.

10-4 is a great album for young children and their parents to listen to together.

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