For Immediate Release – Barnum, Colorado – Horror industrialists Genessier are renowned for the unrestrained terror experience that they deliver to their fans during live shows and for their bleeding-edge song crafting that can range from catchy to unsettling but always engrossing. It was Genessier‘s musical originality and terrifying stage performances that caught Music Gallery International founder Shawn Barusch’s attention.

“While listening to Genessier I find myself reminiscing over the bands that I grew up with and molded my eclectic dark side of life,” says Shawn. “Artists like Cocteau Twins, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Faith and the Muse, Dead Can Dance and The Smiths. Knowing the resurgence of this music is on the rise, myself and MGI wanted to be as out in front if this as soon as possible, hence my excitement over our announcing of GENESSIER to our Roster of artists!”

Genessier front man Ryan Policky on signing with MGI, “Genessier has been ho-humming about working on new material and to have Shawn and MGI help push us to get it done and get ourselves out there is an amazing thing indeed. We are beyond excited to see where we go with MGI and can’t wait to start pushing Graces the Bone with their recommendations and guidance!”

Policky on their performances, “The live shows are all about watching a haunted house play out live on-stage. Genessier embraces the gore, the drama, the fear theatrics, and we push the limits visually with each song we play. It’s without question a stadiumesque experience whether we are playing a small venue or the massive.”

Genessier‘s latest album Graces the Bone was met with universal acclaim from both fans and critics. “The greed, the insanity of family, and shattered love stories are all right on the surface, while screaming behind layers of bricks and dirt at the bottom of a well, “Says Policky. “The matters are all common, while some things which feel so insane to hear are closer to reality then we think. It’s the feeling of hell that we portrayed on our debut disc and hell is exactly what it sounds like.”

Genessier have also written the soundtrack to the horror short Shovel which can be viewed on amazon Prime for free. Mister Sam Shearon (Creator for Clive Barker, Rob Zombie, X-Files) “SHOVEL offers a disturbing tone that echoes the cultural phenomenon of the horrors that inspired such films as ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, ‘Wrong Turn’ and ‘The Hills have Eyes’. This short film holds nothing back as the surreal soundtrack akin to an industrial nightmare drives the vibe quickly into a merciless plot twist… ‘SHOVEL‘ has the potential to be a full feature cult classic!

Expect to hear a lot of exciting news from the Genessier and Music Gallery International family in 2019 about tours, new music and terrifying merch.

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