Nashville’s pop punk trio Best Intentions recently released a new single, called “Twisted.”

According to the band, “The song ‘Twisted’ is about acknowledging a toxic or twisted person in your life. Someone that you used to trust but unfortunately can’t anymore because of something they may have said or done. It’s basically saying the way you treat me is twisted, and I’m not putting up with you anymore.”

Composed of Tony Pietrafesa (vocals, guitar), Matthew Kleinman (guitar), and Jim Collet (drums), Best Intention’s sound encompasses elements of rock, hard rock, and pop punk, with emphasis on the pop punk.

Best Intentions was born in Philadelphia, in 2016, the brainchild of Kleinman, who moved to Nashville a year later, where he re-launched the band with a new lineup. “Twisted” is the revitalized band’s first single. At the current juncture, Best Intentions is in the studio, working on their debut album, slated to drop summer 2019.

“Twisted” starts off with syncopated percussion and softly glimmering guitars flowing into a compelling pop punk melody with Pietrafesa’s voice riding on top. It’s a great voice, reminiscent of Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, before they went over-the-top and pretentious. With his surfer/skater boy tones, Pietrafesa infuses the tune with grand flavors of nonchalance, anxiety, and a wistful longing to be cool.

Dirty guitars, but not to the point of distortion, pump up the harmonics with surging waves of sound, while Collet’s sharp drumming establishes a tight rhythm full of beau coup punch. In fact, Collet’s touch and feel on the skins is brisk, crunching, and potent, without being overwhelming. He uses his kit as another instrument rather than simply keeping the beat.

The lyrics relate the sad but droll tale of some dude breaking up with his girlfriend, who is totally non compos mentis, “twisted.” And frankly, the dude’s lucky he got away when he did.

“I hope you think of me when you’re up at night and your back still hurts from the time I ran you over with my car” / That was the last thing that she said to me / I’ll be here holding out for the day that karma fucks you over / You’d probably do it again / Colder now that I feel you further I’m done with playing pretend / Eyes closed you know I wasn’t prepared / Eyes closed you know I didn’t deserve it / I hate the way I hate the way you think of me / You’re twisted.”

“Twisted” is a superb song. I love its thrumming harmonics, clean breaks, and punchy energy. Best Intentions plays kick-ass punk pop.

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