“F*** You and Thank You!”… not the words Brian “Head” Welch from Korn was expecting to start an interview. That was, as you will hear in the video, the beginning of one of the most emotional interviews I have ever done. After seeing a screening of ‘Loud Krazy Love’ (out June 2nd) board ShipRocked 2019, I was a sack of raw emotions.

This movie went beyond music and spoke to my soul. It is not a movie about changing you into a Jesus freak. It is not a movie about Korn. It is a movie about love, battling inner demons and soul-crushing addictions,  and making choices in life that many of us would not have the courage and strength to ever do. It tells the real reason for Head stepping away from Korn, finding God, and it goes so deep that if you are not moved by the raw honesty of this movie, you might have a pulse but you are probably dead inside.

The story of “Loud Krazy Love”  includes appearances from members of Korn, Head’s biological family, and others who were involved in his transformation into who the man he is today.  That includes the main reason… the catalyst… the person he put above himself and all others, his daughter Jennea. As the mother of a child only a year younger than Jennea, I was deeply moved by her willingness to share her pain and ultimately, her triumphs.  Telling her story was intensely personal and the courage she displays in sharing it to hopefully help others is beyond anything I can imagine at her age.

If you appreciate honesty, un-filtered (and uncensored) dialogue about faith and the film, you will certainly enjoy this exclusive on-camera conversation with the man behind ‘Loud Krazy Love’, Mr. Brian Welch, available right here…

Written by Melissa “Mischievous Mel” Anderson


Mischievous Mel and Brian “Head” Welch

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