“Beauty Behind the INK” featured the first exhibition of Kamila Burzymowska’s photos of tattooed women from Poland and other parts of the world. Among the photographed women there are both well-known alternative models as well as women who don’t have daily contact with the camera lens. The pictures are made to show the beauty and uniqueness of the female tattooed body. .

Beauty Behind the INK” took place at Tusz Tusz Bistro at Warsaw, Poland. On the 9th of February, visitors had the opportunity to see 30 photographs taken by Kamila Burzymowska. The photos were shown in size 50 x 70 cm on Luster 255g / m² paper. Very colorful pictures full of contrasts delighted all those who came that day.

The exhibition attracted many fans who know Kamila’s work well, as well as attendees discovering Kamila’s work for the first time. Partners of the exhibition were Martini and On Lemon Polska.

Media Partners were Antyradio, Going., Tattoo.com, World Tattoo Events, MediaZink, Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine, Tattoofest – Convention & Magazine, Tattoo Magazin Hungary.

Kamila’s artwork is for sale, so if you are interested in making a purchase, please contact her via email. Each purchased photo includes a Certificate of Authenticity. The amount of works for sale is very limited. If you are interested in attending an exhibition featuring Kamila’s work, the Beauty Behind the INK exhibition will be coming to more cities. Follow Kamila on social media and stay up to date.

About the Author

Kamila Burzymowska is a polish photographer professionally associated with the tattoo scene for over 6 years. She graduated Sociology at the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw Academy of Photography, which she graduated with honors. Kamila cooperates with tattoo conventions, tattoo magazines and tattoo studios in Poland and abroad. She photographs only tattooed people whose pictures have been repeatedly used for the purposes of articles published in the printed and Internet press around the world. Kamila’s photographs decorate over 40 covers of magazines sold on almost all continents. International publications have ensured Kamila a strong position in the world of tattooing. Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine called her “best show photographer in the world”.

You can read about Kamila and her works, among others in interviews in a dozen magazines, blogs, and websites devoted to themes of tattooing around the world. Kamila’s works are characterized by a large number of colors and contrasts. She’s a fan of simple and aesthetic pictures with positive emotions.

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