Denver’s melodic metalcore outfit The Anchor premiere the music video for “Revive,” a song from The Anchor’s forthcoming album, Breathe, slated to drop in May on Manic Kat Records.

“Revive” is about perception, putting on a different pair of sunglasses to see how things really stand.

Lead vocalist Linzey Rae puts it like this: “Our insecurities and self-doubt can be our biggest obstacle. Sometimes you need to take a step back to realize that happiness and fulfillment can only come from yourself, not from the approval of others.”

Surprisingly, The Anchor got together via Craigslist. Rae had just left a band and was looking for something fresh. A Craigslist ad caught her eye. Some band was auditioning bass players. So Rae bought a cheap bass guitar and showed up. She admits she’s not much of a bass player. She got the gig, not because of her skills as a bassist, but because the guys thought it would be cool to have a female in the band.

The band’s lineup goes like this: Linzey Rae (vocals), Cory Jones (guitar), Page Dante (bass, vocals), Ryan Miller (guitar), and Aaron Martinez (drums). They released their EP, Make It Last, in 2018. The EP made a national impact, securing the #19 spot on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart. As soon as the new album, Breathe, drops, The Anchor takes off on Midwest DeTour with Stories Through Storms.

“Revive” opens with pulsing, droning guitars topped by Rae’s snarling demonic voice, which is reminiscent of Tatiana Shmailyuk’s banshee tones. Only Rae’s vocal grimaces are better, more organic, eschewing the artificiality of Shmailyuk’s. When she goes melodic, Rae’s voice streams potent textures aligned with a creamy flow. This is a grand voice, with beau coup oomph.

A dreamy, psychedelic interlude infuses “Revive” with remote colors and gossamer filaments of energy, drifting and wafting. And then the harmonics mousse back up to nuclear hurricane levels.

The lyrics espouse an active program of self-belief regardless of what others say and do.

“I won’t keep doing this to myself / Move into the right direction / I know my worth in my reflection / I’ll never stop believing in myself.”

With “Revive,” The Anchor kicks the sonic beehive and then blasts off, avoiding the derivation so rampant in current metalcore. This band has it going on and knows how to kick ass.

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